Body treatments and massages in Netanya

“All the pleasures of the world I have gathered in my wanderings, from ancient kingdoms and hidden islands, to the one heart I have loved to brides”

Thousands of miles were spent by the Sultan during his fleet of ships, between distant islands and the shores of new continents, on his conquests. And on every continent and continent, in every magical island and city he came to, he explored the customs of the locals, collected herbs, spices and special medicinal mixtures, concocted ointments and potions, and learned the secrets of ancient treatments to soothe the body and mind.

The inspiration he received in his travels from ancient cultures and traditions, gave him the vast knowledge that became one complete creation of deep life wisdom: how to live a peaceful life, full of pleasures while maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health. By sea the sultan wandered around the world and by sea returned to his kingdom, and the wealth of knowledge he had acquired in the paths of his wanderings with him. The body and mind treatments provided to our guests are inspired by the Sultan’s travels around the world. The materials and ingredients we use for treatments are taken from the travel diary he kept, in which he described the same ancient traditions to which he was exposed.

New to the spa!

Body treatments from Dermalogica

A customized massage, which includes entry to the spa complex and use of its facilities

And then the traditional “casa” treatment that gives the authentic scrub without combining a classic body massage.

The duration of the treatment is 45 minutes Single price 570 NIS / double 1,140 NIS

The traditional “casa” treatment provides the authentic scrub without combining a classic body massage

The duration of the treatment is 15 minutes Price for one 270 NIS / double 540 NIS