My name is Limor, and in 1988 I completed my Hotel Management studies in England. When I returned to Israel, I spent eight years working at the Hilton Tel Aviv in the Guest Room Department, and throughout this time my love for the hospitality industry only grew and grew. In 1996, this great love led me to accept a position with Isrotel, where I would play a key role in establishing and managing the Carmel Forest Spa Resort – the very first spa resort in Israel.

I was introduced to a wonderful new world and immediately fell in love.

After much hard work, the Resort opened to the public in 1997 and I diligently served as its Deputy Manager – which meant the Resort became not only my second home, but my first. That same year I fell in love a second time, with the man who would eventually become my husband – Avi Robes, a senior therapist at the Carmel Forest Spa Resort. Our love blossomed and, in 1998, after a perfectly luxurious day in the Carmel Forest, we went to the
beautiful HaTira Castle in Ga’ash, where we officially became a married couple. It soon became clear to me that our future together would include creating the independent business I often dreamed about. There was no doubt that the business would be a professional, intimate spa with a completely different hospitality experience…

In 1999, we established the Caesar Villa in Caesarea, which expanded in 2003 to become the Caesar Spa, a highly-regarded spa that is now a household name. For 13 years we nurtured
the spa and our guests with love, experiencing both happy and more challenging times. But in 2006 I lost my dear sister, the attorney Anat Pliner, who was murdered right on her doorstep, and for a long time afterwards I knew only sadness and pain. I spent most of my time at the spa, which became the center of my universe – but for all the wrong reasons. After several years of overwhelming grief, I realized I was suffering from a serious illness, and understood that I needed to make drastic changes in my life. Near the end of 2012, we left behind the spa that I had nurtured for so many years to travel down a new path, and established a consulting and construction company in the hotel and spa industry.

Island Spa was the first result of this change, based on our understanding that each one of us needs to occasionally exchange our busy lives for moments of peace and tranquility.
The David Tower project was a once-in- a-lifetime challenge to introduce new quality standards to the international spa industry.

That was how the Via Maris Spa was born, and now we are proud to introduce it to you.

We hope you enjoy your journey.

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